IED Fundamentals

Buy-in from leaders, management and even staff members is the first and foremost important step in the IED journey of organisations. We help organisations receive an in-depth understanding of the concepts of inclusion, equity and diversity. An understanding of these fundamentals helps level-setting expectations of stakeholders and drive intent and actions in the right direction.

Everyday Inclusivity

Do you know what does it mean to be inclusive? Do you know if you are not being inclusive in your everyday lives? We focus on helping our partners understand practical things that can allow you to be an ally to everyone around you.

Inclusive Leadership

We try to empower and equip leaders to understand and integrated IED principles that can drive the creation of an inclusive culture. Leaders have a strong influence on organisational culture and policies and practices adopted within a firm. Inclusive leadership empowers leaders to leverage on practices for extracting benefits like higher profitability and a positive culture.

Biases: Conscious and Unconscious

Every individual in the world comes with their own biases but very few are able to recognize them. Our expertise lies in providing learning experiences to individuals for identifying and mitigating conscious and unconscious biases. It’s time to move beyond jargons and focus on reality and the actual real-life practices that are relevant.