What We Offer


Employee Engagement Survey

Be the first to shift your organizational culture by understanding engagement levels of your employees. Employee engagement surveys are extremely helpful in continuously improving employees’ experience. Use our expertise and customized solutions for being the best ally to your employees.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Different from an engagement survey, this helps you measure the effectiveness of organizational IED initiatives. Capture demographics and inclusion sentiment of employees for rich outcomes based on cross-sectional analysis. We only believe in the best solutions possible by customising the assessments to organisational needs.

Training and Learning

Our training and learning opportunities provide are designed to guide your stakeholders to become contributors towards promoting inclusion and equity in your organization. Virtual and/or in-person trainings are informed by the latest thinking related to the field and is suited for professionals from a wide range of professions. Ongoing learning is crucial for growth of individuals and we combine it with industry research to provide Indian and global perspectives.

Interview/Focus Group

Understanding the lived experiences of your employees is as important as a survey. While survey limits the ability of people to share their lived experiences in depth, we encourage organisations to conduct interviews and/or focus groups with their leaders and employees. These platforms can be made anonymous and provide a safe space for the individuals to share their experiences that can help an organisation in improving their employee management strategies.


We provide the expertise to develop your strategic plan for your Inclusion, Equity and Diversity (IED) efforts. Our collaborative consulting approach provides customized solutions for short-, medium-, and long-term growth.